Love is in the Air

A few weeks back Khym sent me a message via Whatsapp and informed me about an upcoming engagement shoot for flight attendant couple from Emirates Airlines. It’s my first engagement shoot in the UAE and a chance to explore Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai and Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world. It was a dream come true especially for Khym as it was her first stint as  a new photographer. She has a keen eye in framing and a good taste in giving colors to our photos.

Leslie, an american lady and Murat a Turkish gentleman, decided to have a “Just Us” session with us. We took a drive on the way to the said locations. It was an amazing spot because there’s just few people around since the stores just started to open. The sun gave the perfect light for the photos and we really enjoyed the session. I’m forever grateful for this experience.

Thank you to Leslie and Murat for trusting us to give them the memories of their love which grew in Dubai.

LM2 LM1 LM8 LM10 LM4 LM7 LM17 LM9 LM12 LM11 LM13 LM6 LM3 LM15 LM14 LM16 LM18 LM19 LM23 LM24 LM22 LM21 LM25 LM26 LM5 LM28 LM27 LM29 LM30 LM36 LM35 LM33 LM32 LM31 LM34 LM20

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